Our Rooms

Baby Room

The baby room will be the first step for many children beginning their journey with us at the White House Nursery and Preschool. The room is airy, warm and inviting, creating a calm and homely atmosphere for the children.

Our main focus in the baby room is creating a strong bond between the child and the key person. This will enable the child to feel safe and secure and settle into the nursery routine.

There are a range of age appropriate activities on offer to the children and staff encourage and support the children in their exploration. Stories, singing, nature baskets and tummy time are a few examples of the activities available.

We believe in working closely with parents/carers to follow the child’s routine which is of particular importance so early on in a child’s life. Feeding, changing and any self-care routines are valued as a bonding experience and staff ensure that these are positive experiences for the children. We have a feeding chair in the room, ensuring the child feels comfortable.

Toddler Room

The toddler room is the next step for the child in their journey at The White House Nursery and Preschool. This room accommodates children aged 2 to 3 years of age.

Children in the toddler room are supported by staff to become increasingly independent, children begin to serve their own food, put on their own coats and toilet training. When moving up to the toddler room, the child’s key person will settle them into the new room and the handover will be a gradual process.

The prime areas of development (personal, social and emotional development, communication and language development and physical development) continue to be the main focus in the toddler room. Children’s development is supported in these areas by incorporating singing, stories, messy play, group games and role modelling.

Preschool Room

The preschool room is the final stage of the child’s journey at the White House Nursery and Preschool. The room caters for children aged 3 to 5 years of age. Children in the preschool room are given many opportunities to develop their independence and in doing so prepare for school. Skills such as dressing independently, choosing activities and self-care are developed.

The loose parts resources encourage creativity and children are able to extend their play. Children are given the freedom of expression and resources can be used in any way the child desires as long as they treat the environment and resources with care and respect.

Children will also learn about caring for the environment and the world around them. The staff support children in daily routines and talk about not wasting resources for example or why it is important that we eat a range of healthy foods and drink enough water.

We encourage professionals from different backgrounds to visit the children such as dentists, doctors or the fire service so that children gain a deeper understand of people who help us.

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